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Dads are so important to each and every child. But there are many children out there without a father in their life, and countless more with a father who is physically present but not engaged at all. To change this culture, it is going to take teamwork from a team of great fathers. Dads need each other, whether we like to admit it or not, to be challenged and encouraged to grow. So we want YOU to join this team by encouraging great fathering and enlisting other dads to be Championship Fathers. Check out our ideas for encouraging other dads in their fathering in this week’s Tools for the Journey: Encourage Great Fathering.

Enlisting other dads is a fundamental of Championship Fathering, the effort to change the culture for today’s children and the children of coming generations. Join the team today here.

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What ways have you been encouraged or encouraged other dads? Share in the comments below!

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