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You’ve heard about the crisis of fatherlessness and the negative consequences for children and for our society. Even if you are an involved dad, you need to realize that until we are successful, your children and grandchildren will be growing up in a culture of absent fathers and unfathered children. They will be affected!

Father and daughter walking on the field

You can be a part of the solution!

Our goal is to enlist 6.5 million fathers – 10% of the fathers in America – enough to stretch from San Diego to Boston. Commit to live the principles of Championship FatheringMake your commitment today.

After you have made your commitment, you can start “living it” with one or more of the following actions:

You can also get involved by supporting the National Center for Fathering in our efforts to inspire and equip dads:





1-800-593-DADS (3237)


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