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Ways Dads Can Guide Their Children’s Faith and Morality

  Does faith impact your fathering? Should it? As many people around the world celebrate Holy Week and look forward…
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Winning Strategies: Olympians on How to Be a Good Dad

  I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics like I am. This year, I’m especially jazzed to watch two competitors—two men…
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Social Renewal (and Being a Good Dad) Happens One at a Time

  I have to tell you about Sugar Bear. He’s fifty-five, and he’ll tell you that the worst day of…
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Courageous Video: Fatherhood and the Gospel

Two guys cleaning their guns. What could be more manly than that?

Video: “It means everything to have integrity”

A dad in Houston got together with his two adult daughters and made a video to help promote one of our events.

Forgiving Our Fathers

Father's Day has a way of bursting through any barriers around my heart and releasing my feelings to splash all over the page before me. A gift of a tear or two to cleanse the soul–or at least, my soul ….

Audio: Answer Questions with Questions (like Jesus)

Kids are curious. They love to learn — especially from you, dad. And the teaching method that Jesus used still works today.

Tell Stories—Yours and God’s

How do you want to be remembered by your children’s children? And their children? And what do you want them to know about your faith?

Use Teachable Moments

How can you bring God’s perspective into day-to-day life with your kids?

The Lion Outside My Door

The sun shone brightly through the windows as my kids played together all throughout our home.  As I walked into the living room, I noticed the front door had been left open, presumably by one of the kids. With a tinge of frustration I walked over to the door to close it, calling out to the kids to make sure to leave the front door shut.


Page 2 of 3123

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