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Six Tips for Husbands on Valentine’s Day (Including One that’s “Naughty”)

“For heaven’s sake get all shopping and ordering out of the way a week before February 14.” These are the…
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Are you doing your ‘fair share’ at home?

Recently, results were released from a new survey which polled more than 1,200 married moms about their parenting habits, focusing especially on how they share responsibilities with their spouses. The headline was an attention-grabber: "… Working and Stay-at-Home Mothers Feel Like 'Married Single Moms.'"

Family Dynamics in a Tough Economy

Although some have predicted an economic rebound ahead, we can all see evidence that we're still living in tough times. Many dads have lost their jobs or have taken extreme measures to reinvent their careers. Some are working part-time at home while Mom takes advantage of her full-time work options.

The Best Gift for Your Wife

How many ads for chocolate, flowers, jewelers and restaurants have you seen or heard during the few weeks leading up to Valentine's Day? Some of us would do well to invest in those items and opportunities to help demonstrate love to our wives.

Is your marriage “good enough”?

Author Elizabeth Marquardt recently wrote about the importance of marriage for children, based on extensive research. Specifically, she addressed the questions, "Should parents stay married for the children?" And, "Is a 'good enough' marriage good for kids?" Her answer might be eye-opening or even controversial to some: In many cases, "yes."

A Video that Could Change Your Marriage

Do you ever feel like your marriage has become a minefield? Sometimes we get off track with our wives, and the smallest things can cause tension and separation. Too often, couples get caught up in the distractions of life and lose track of each other — and, as identified by our research, loving your children's mother is a key fundamental of Championship Fathering.

Scrooge on Marriage

Have you seen the most recent movie version of A Christmas Carol? I’ve seen every form of this movie with its various actors, including Patrick Stewart, Scrooge McDuck, and Bill Murray, but this one is my favorite. Visually it was stunning with the 3-D effects and cartoonish realism; definitely a theater-worthy movie.

3 Tips for Understanding Your Wife

Do you fully appreciate the benefits your children's mother brings to their lives — and your life? It's no revelation that women are different from men in many ways. Often, those differences can be sources of conflict, and those differences involve much more than where one squeezes the toothpaste. Having children really brings these differences to the surface, whether it's how you approach discipline, household tasks for the kids, or your time commitment to work and family.

A Great Way to Model LOVE

This week: a Valentine's Day reminder for all married dads about the importance of loving your wife and setting a good example of a romantic husband for your children.

Recommit to Your Marriage Vows

Men, are you taking your wife for granted? Let me take care of that nonsense right now. I have buddies whose brides died of cancer. A while back I received a call from my friend Billy about his wife, whom he has loved since they met back in college. He said, “Carey, she’s sick. She’s really in trouble.” And he broke down and cried.


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