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Workaholism – a Slippery Slope

What shapes your identity? In today’s world, a man’s identity is largely locked up in what he does and what he produces—not who he is as a husband and father.

It isn’t hard to explain. For most men, that’s what they learned about manhood from their male role models.

When You Come Home From Work

You pull into the driveway and turn off the engine, tired from a long day at work. Just then, you notice a little face peering through the window of your house. When you walk in the front door, your child is there to greet you and wrap his arms around your legs.

Work Stress and Marriage

Stress is contagious. In this age of high expectations and long work hours, it’s easy for a man to bring his worries and frustrations home and spread them all over the household.

Corporate Priorities

Should your job ever take priority over your family? Ever?

Bill is a successful attorney, but he’d tell you it’s much more important to be a successful father. But he didn’t always think that.

Work / Family Tension

A recent look at an old study sheds some light on the classic dilemma for dads: How do you balance career and family?

Characteristics of Growing Dads

Howard, who grew up without a father, is a 37-year-old father of five. He became a father in his teens and has struggled for years with the demands of raising five children, especially since he never had a male role model. Working two jobs, he was always too tired for his kids and made excuses instead of spending time with them.

A New Career Choosing

I'd like you to make a new career choice as part of being a good father.

Now before you click away to somewhere else, understand that I'm not telling you to switch occupations or even leave your company. The career decision I'm asking you to make is actually a new career choosing. Let me explain.

A Moving Experience

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 41 million people in the U.S. move to a new residence in a given year—roughly 14 percent of the population. When you account for multiple moves, over fifty percent of Americans have made at least one move during the past seven years. This growing trend in mobility has both positives and negatives for fathers and families.

On the positive side, relocation often brings fathers new opportunities for employment. Additionally, moving to a new environment often spurs a man to greater achievement, exercises his problem-solving capacities, and provides an opportunity to build new relationships.

Tell Stories About Work

Sure, your kids may know the company or organization your work for. They may even know your title. But, what does Daddy do at work? He drives around talking on his cell phone, or he goes to a factory, or he messes around on the computer. Some weeks, he flies to faraway cities to meet with people. Some afternoons, he plays golf.

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