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Time Together is the Best Thing

Colin is 11 and he loves tennis. Not long ago, his grandparents were visiting, and Colin asked if they could watch him play. So Colin and his dad, Brian, got their racquets and took grandma and grandpa to the high school courts. They all had a great time.

Kids and the Election: Raising Good Citizens

With the political campaigns and conventions in full swing, it's a great time to talk to our kids about what's in the news and take advantage of teachable moments.

Back-to-School Tips for Dads

Dad, here's your friendly start-of-the-school-year reminder about your important role in your children's education.

Time: Are You Spending or Investing?

There’s a common expression that we use all the time. It’s pretty harmless in itself, but as fathers we need to think differently with it. It’s the simple concept of spending time.

The Art of Fatherhood

Reprinted with permission from: www.TheFatherLife.com. 


As a single father of a twelve-year old boy, I am beginning to understand that fatherhood really is an art. Among other things I am learning that as much as I'd like to continue the semi-dictatorial regime that once ruled my home, the future is turning out to be much more democratic. My soon-to-be-teenager has regime changes in mind and is becoming less and less receptive to "because I said so" and more inclined toward a participatory form of parenting and decision-making—one that sometimes stretches the limits of my imagination as well as my patience and puts everything I thought I knew to the test.

How to Reinvent Government—Starting With Your Family

Do you want to raise your children with a proper view of politics? For that matter, what is a proper view of politics?

Prepare To Fight Fair

The Williams family was at it again. Mom accused Dad of being rude to her that morning, and Dad denied it. His memory, he claimed, was much more accurate than hers. Mom said he was crazy—if he couldn't even remember to put up the toilet seat, how could he claim to remember the fight?! Dad exploded in anger, and mom said he was acting just like his father. Dad yelled that she was stupid and overweight.

Is Your Tween Going Out? You Better be Joining In

I really don’t think I’m naive. Out of touch, sometimes? Yes. Oblivious to the happenings of life around me? No. I did, however, need a little help from my older daughter a few years back. Becca was in the 6th grade and talking with me one day after school.

“Oh, Dad, did I tell you Janie is going out with an 8th grader?”

Dollars and Sense: Teaching Your Children About Money

There are a variety of things we will leave to our children when we are gone. Many of you probably think immediately of the money you'll leave behind. I wouldn't place money itself as the most important inheritance you'll give to your children—but the skills and values involved in handling money and using it wisely are certainly among the greatest gifts you can give them. Like water to the earth, money can either nourish or destroy, depending upon how it is directed.

Belayers for Exploring Children

Dad, are you manning the ropes for your kids? As you cheer their climb, are you also prepared for them to fall?

Mountain climbing provides a great analogy for that stage of life when our kids begin to explore the world. From the grade-school years through to their twenties and beyond, we want to instill in them a healthy attitude about discovery—cautious, yet confident.


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