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5 Tips to Balance Being Dad

One of the most important things a dad has to learn is balance- balancing work, friends and extracurricular activities with…
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5 Tips for Dads Who Travel

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Reach for Greatness—Be a Committed Dad

  What could be better for a guy than playing in the NFL? I suppose that depends on your perspective…
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Away But Not Apart: How to Be a Good Dad Despite Separations

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A Moving Video: “Daddy Phone”

The new song "Daddy Phone," by country artist Marty Raybon, portrays a divorced dad who only gets to see his son occasionally. To stay connected, the dad gives his son a cell phone and tells him, "When you're missing me, or feeling all alone, just push '1' on your daddy phone. I'll be on the line when I hear that ringtone. We'll talk anytime on your daddy phone."

Virtual Visitation for Today’s Mobile Fathers (and Grandfathers)

In today's society, we are increasingly mobile. According to an article in this year's New York Times, 3.6 million married Americans were living apart from their spouses and families due to their job, commuting and living in a different city just for work. And the Children's Rights Council reports that, in 2003, 34 million children had a divorced or separated parent living in a different city. Also, about 66 percent of grandparents have at least one grandchild who lives farther than a day's drive away (according to AARP).

Busy Dads / Staying Connected

Are you a busy dad? Like you, I often rush through each day trying to keep up with a slew of deadlines and responsibilities. Before I know it several days have passed and sometimes it seems I haven’t connected with each of my children.

My Father’s Voice

With supper finished it was mom's time for a break from her children. It was our time to be with dad. Cindy, my eight-year old sister, got the book while Tom, my six-year old brother, and I (four-years old) climbed on our gray couch. Book in hand, Cindy joined us on the couch and we all waited for mom to start the old reel-to-reel tape player. Dad was piloting airplanes in Vietnam for the Air Force. His one-year isolated tour would be over soon and he would be coming home.

Dads on the Road

For many dads, the challenging task of fathering is made even more difficult because we spend so much time traveling. If you're like me, there are times when your job demands that you be in Chicago tomorrow, and out on the west coast by next Tuesday. There's no getting around it.


Recently, Sue Shellenbarger, the work and family columnist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote about “Undercover Moms”—women who find themselves changing outfits on the run several times a day as they juggle their various roles. In her article, Shellenbarger included this statement: “It’s been a long time (read it: never) since I’ve seen a dad changing from a suit to soccer shorts in a parked car.”


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