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Audio: Don’t Yell over Spilled Milk

Having kids gives you multiple chances to be a real-life hero. But only if your children have learned that, in a crisis, they can trust in your unconditional love.

What’s your secret to a strong family?

Dad, what's your secret to bonding with your children? There is compelling research on what makes a great father, as detailed in the book Championship Fathering.

There’s No Such Thing As Quality Time

A Dad’s Point-Of-View

I keep learning this great lesson. It's something I know, but seem to have to experience repeatedly for it to sink into my stubborn head. With kids, there's no such thing as quality time, only quantity time.

Family Dinner … Why?

What is your family schedule like? Does it ever seem like all the family members are going in different directions all the time? One way to fight that trend is to make dinner time a priority.

Are you (and Mom) running on empty?

One of a father's key roles, from the moment he becomes a dad, is resource management. It's part of the vital task of providing for his family.

The BEST Thing for Your Kids

Some recent research points to an action point that may seem simple, but it isn't easy.

Dad, are you the “CEO” in your home?

It seems like there's a new holiday popping up all the time these days, but I believe this one is worthy of our attention. September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement.

5 Father’s Day Gifts for Your Children

I’m 64. I’ve got grown kids and nearly grown grandkids. And if I could, I would change some things. I’d give my kids more important Father’s Day gifts, because it is always more fulfilling to give than to receive, and I would have given more. Especially on Father’s Day. I’d make it memorable if I had to do it over again. I’d concentrate on five gifts.

One on One with Your Child

James is a busy man with many professional and community responsibilities—and he’s a devoted father. Several years ago, James’ son Darren developed a burning passion for the game of basketball—and he had some skills.

Time: Are You Spending or Investing?

There’s a common expression that we use all the time. It’s pretty harmless in itself, but as fathers we need to think differently with it. It’s the simple concept of spending time.


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