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Just Have a Good Time NOW. Just Be DAD. (See Video)


This short but powerful video “Dad & Me” was contributed to us by Vincenzo Giovannini, who wrote the screenplay. He…
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Ask Carey Video: When You Didn’t Have a Positive Fathering Example

AskCarey video Good-Dad-Example.jpg

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   This is the first of a new video series we’re starting here…
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10 Tips for Talking to Your Son About Girls


  You remember being at that age dad, girls are definitely the hot topic. Make sure you’re the one having…
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Just Be the House Jester. Just Be DAD.

Father and Daughter playing at the beach

Finding the Funny in Fatherhood by Marc Kaye & Alex Barnett   Dads come from many different backgrounds, and we’re…
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Ways to Stay Positive Through Discouragement


The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Over the past few weeks, we have sent out emails and letters…
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Just Get Out of the Comfort Zone. Just Be DAD.


A Key to Connecting with Your Kids by Michael French   Remember the song “Danger Zone” from the movie Top…
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11 Tips for Talking to Your Daughter About Sex


  Dad, talking with your daughter about sex might seem like a mom’s job. And there definitely are conversations that…
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How to Use Milestones to Affirm Your Child


The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Sometime soon one of your children will reach a milestone in his…
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Just Let Your Kids Hop on Pop. Just Be DAD.

Silhouette of Father Playing with Child Outside at Sunset

8 Lessons for Fathers from Dr. Seuss by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC   As we all know, in just about…
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10 Things Your Son Needs From You


As your son grows up, no matter who enters into his life you are his main influence. Make sure you…
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Building Teamwork in Your Family


  You may have your favorite sports team, and it may be pretty important to you that they make it…
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How to Make the Most of Teachable Moments


The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Parents seem to talk a lot about teachable moments—using situations that come…
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9 Ways for a Stepdad to Engage With His Family

Father And Son Hiking In Countryside Wearing Backpacks

Just Climb Stepdad Mountain. Just Be Dad. by Ron L. Deal   “How tall is it?” I ignorantly asked a…
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4 Thoughts for When You’re Fed Up As a Dad …

father and daughter

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   What if a dad doesn’t want to be a dad? A while…
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Just Build (or Rebuild) Your Legacy. Just Be DAD.


A Tale of Two Fathers by Clark H. Smith   We just celebrated Father’s Day, and many of us did…
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