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“There for Me”: Rainy Day Bonding with Dad

little girl with an umbrella in the rain with his father

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   During a rainstorm, a young woman named Alice listened to a friend…
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Just Be a Spiritual Mentor. Just Be DAD.

Father daughter sit sea

by Steve Wilson   My second oldest child is living in England for several months while interning in her field…
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26 Ways to be a Championship Father


What is a Championship Father? It is a dad who is dedicated to living out the five fundamentals that our…
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Parenting Challenges: How Do You Decide Which Approach is Best?

Pap Moderno

The Championship Fathering blog by Brock Griffin All men start their parenting journey with a lot of questions. Women too….
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Just Talk with Your Kids About the Divorce. Just Be DAD.


5 Things Kids Need to Hear by Keith Zafren                        …
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25 Fall Family Activities


We LOVE fall here at NCF. Why? Because it is a great season to spend with family! Here are 25…
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Ask Carey Video: Effects on Kids When Dad Isn’t There


“Ask Carey” is back this week, with a short video about some of the effects when children don’t have a…
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Just Believe in Miracles. Just Be DAD.

Bolling family

5 Lessons from Raising a Cancer Survivor by Adam Bolling   I get to be a dad. Honestly, I never…
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Conversations to Have With Your Teen Son


    Your conversations are important to your son, whether he expresses that or not. Make sure you are having…
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Just Store Up Genius Points. Just Be DAD.

Jays dad and son at Wrigley-small

by Jay Payleitner   As my beloved Cubs surprisingly chase a playoff spot, my mind drifts back to a summer…
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My 3 Fathering Secrets …

Father With Daughter Relaxing On Outdoor Garden Swing Seat

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   When I think about that question, my first thoughts go to our…
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Encourage Great Fathering


  Dads are so important to each and every child. But there are many children out there without a father…
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Ask Carey Video: Dads’ Influence on Daughters

Ask Carey Daughters

In this short Ask Carey video, I share just a few thoughts about Why Dads Are So Important to Daughters. Here are…
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10 Things to Teach Your Daughter


    Dad, you’re an influential person in your daughter’s life. Make sure you teach her the most important things…
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Just Connect Face-to-Face, Just Be DAD

technologie pre fils

(dad, wer r u ???) by Dave Clark   The xperts say that txtn is vry addictive and can suck…
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