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NCF Wants to Know: How do YOU Stand Tall?


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 25, 2014) – The National Center for Fathering (NCF) is hosting a social media contest on…
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Time with Kids: No Leftovers, Dad

Time with Kids: No Leftovers How to be a Dad

Dad, what are you focused on today? An important project at work? Some weekend activity that’s planned? A “honey do”…
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Stand Tall and Coach Your Kids’ Character


Responsibility. Commitment. Forgiveness. Leadership. Brotherhood. And yes, a good dose of football thrown in. I’m describing some key ideas from…
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Stand Tall at Your Kids’ Games—But Don’t Lose Perspective


How do you handle your kids’ sports endeavors? It’s a common struggle. Our own ego can be so tied up…
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Driving Adventure: A Parable for Dads

car lights at night

My 17-year-old son was stranded. He called in the evening just after dark. Chance was at a friend’s house about…
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Don’t Be a Disney Dad – Guest Blog

Father Saying Goodbye To Children As They Leave For School

We’ll be featuring another guest blog this week, this time from Scott Moore, a new friend in South Carolina who…
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The National Center for Fathering has a New Platform to Bring You Quality Fathering Resources

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July, 28, 2014) – The National Center for Fathering (NCF) is partnering with iDisciple to bring you…
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A Dad’s Affirmation Can Launch Dreams


I’ll never forget what happened about this time of year back when I was in high school, between my freshman…
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Make Sure Your Kids Have Some Mad Skills – Guest Blog

boy with juggling bags

This week I’m featuring a guest blog from Jay Payleitner—a best-selling author, speaker, and good friend of the National Center…
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60-Second Hug: Be a Dad Who Comforts


Back when I was a younger dad with three children at home, during the summer we would often take our kids to…
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Help our Nation—Be a Great Father

Flag of the United States of America

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our nation, I have three brief thoughts for your fathering: First, a…
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The National Center for Fathering Endorses Sony Movie When The Game Stands Tall

WTGST Home Page Rotator1

  KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 2, 2014) – The National Center for Fathering (NCF) is proud to endorse When the…
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It’s A New Day At The National Center For Fathering

NCF Logo Featured

NCF redesigned its website with the goal of providing easily accessible tools and resources for dads and father figures.

A Dad’s Lost Tools—and a Perspective Change

Father and Son Playing Together at Home

Is your family a burden or a blessing? I want to tell you about two things that happened to me…
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More Kids Need What a Father Does


Before Father’s Day gets too far in our rearview mirror, I want to challenge you and remind you about something…
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