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Upcoming Events

2/22-25/2017 National Title 1 Conference, Booth, Long Beach, Ca

2/23/2017 Kentucky School Counselor Conference, Workshop, Lexington, KY

2/23/2017 Wisconsin Counselor Association Conference, Workshop, Madison, WI

2/24/2017 North Carolina Counseling Association Conference, Workshop, Durham, NC

2/25/2017 Kentucky School Board Association Annual Conference, Workshop, Louisville, KY

2/28/2017 Arizona School Counselor Conference, Workshop, Scottsdale, AZ

3/2/2017 Kansas Counseling Association Conference, Workshop, Manhattan, KS

3/3/2017 Washington School Counselor Association Conference, Workshop, Seattle, WA

3/4/2017 South Carolina Association of Middle Level Educators Conference, Workshop, Myrtle Beach, SC

3/5/2017 Innovative Schools Summit Girl Bullying Conference, Workshop, Orlando, FL

3/16/2017 Connecticut School Counselor Conference, Workshop, New Haven, CT

3/17/2017 California 21st Annual Parent Involvement Academy, Workshop, Industry Hills, CA

3/22/2017 New England Fathering Conference, Workshop, Groton, CT

3/23-24/2017  West Virginia PTA State Conference, Keynote & Workshop, Mogantown, WV

3/25-27/2017 National School Board Association, Booth Exhibitor & Workshop, Denver, CO

4/4/2017 Maine School Counselor Conference, Workshop, Boxborough, MA

4/6/2017 South Dakota Principal’s Conference, Workshop, Spearfish, SD

4/14/2017 Idaho Dept of Education Prevention & Support Conference, Workshop, Sun Valley, ID

4/22/2017 Alabama PTA State Conference, Workshop, Montgomery, AL

4/28-30/2017 Kansas PTA Convention, Workshop, Kansas City, KS

4/29/2017 Ohio PTA Convention, Workshop, Columbus, OH

4/29/2017 Missouri PTA Convention, Workshop, Columbia, MO

4/29/2017 Washington PTA Convention, Workshop, Seattle, WA

5/19/2017 OAESA Webinar, Online, Live Presentation

6/8-9/2017 Utah PTA Conference, Workshop, Murray, UT

6/22/2017 NextGen School Safety & Crisis Prevention Conference, Workshop, Atlanta, GA

6/22-25/2017 National PTA Conference, Booth, Las Vegas, NV

6/28/2017 Innovative Schools Summit 2017 Developmental Resources Conference, Workshop, Las Vegas, NV

7/8-10/2017 American School Counselor Association Conference, Booth & 1st Time Attendee Reception, Denver, CO

7/9-11/2017, National Principals Conference 2017 NAESP & NASSP, Booth, Philadelphia, PA

7/13-15/2017 Virginia PTA Conference, Workshop, Richmond, VA

Conference Keynote or Workshop Presenter

If you are interested in having a WATCH D.O.G.S. representative present a workshop at your upcoming conference or a keynote address to your general assembly, email us at watchdogs@fathers.com.  Call our office at 888-540-3647 (DOGS) and ask to speak with our conference coordinator.

Past Conference Schedule

To view a history of the conferences, work shops, and keynote addresses we have done, click Past Speaking Engagements.

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