Courageous Video: Fatherhood and the Gospel

Two guys cleaning their guns. What could be more manly than that?

Well, I believe some things are much more relevant when it comes to real manhood and real fatherhood.

If you want to be challenged and inspired as a father, don’t miss the movie Courageous. It challenges men to be the fathers God has called them to be. There are so many great takeaways for dads, such as this scene:


Now, let me make it plain. My faith is the most important thing in my life. It will change people and it can heal broken relationships better than any tips on marriage or fatherhood. I’m an ordained minister, and I’ve become what you might call an “evangelist” for Championship Fathering. But I also understand that there’s something bigger going on.

God identified Himself as a Father, and I firmly believe that the message of committed and responsible fatherhood can help people understand God as their heavenly Father and respond to Him in faith. Also, there’s no quicker way to a man’s heart than to talk about his children — or, sometimes, to talk about his relationship with his father.

So, your action point is to simply share the good news with other dads — about the joys and privilege of being a dad, and about the great love and the trustworthy promises of your heavenly Father.



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