Get Your Action Plan for the New Year

As you think about finishing this year strong and setting goals for the coming year, it’s important to include your fathering in that process. Taking time to assess your progress as a dad is imperative if you want to do your best for your kids. It’s important to know where you’re strong and where you need to make adjustments.

dad-preschool-son-posing-with-dogHere at the Center, we have a tool to help you. Our Championship Fathering Profile will give you a benchmark for where you are in 13 key areas of fathering. It isn’t a test for you to pass; it’s designed to give you an accurate picture of yourself based on your honest responses. Take the profile right here.

The most important step is to come up with an action plan once you have your results. Choose one area where you need to improve as a dad and focus on that in the coming weeks and months. Set specific goals. Use all available resources to help you in that pursuit — including other dads around you who share your commitment to your family.

Fair warning: this exercise will ask you to stretch a bit. Your action plan might call for changes in how you spend your time, your money, and your energy. But if you’re becoming a better father in the process, it will also bring great rewards as you find greater satisfaction in your role and build better bonds with your children.


  • Ask your children what they’d like to learn and accomplish in the coming year, and come up with specific ways you can help them attain their goals and dreams.
  • Along with your specific goals and plans, make a new commitment for the new year. We suggest the Championship Fathering Commitment. Your commitment to these 5 tenets will benefit not only your own children, but also other children and fathers in your sphere of influence.
  • As one New Year’s resolution, consider this idea from one of our trainers, which will remind you to make the most of every moment with your kids.


Championship Fathering by Carey CaseyDid the Profile reveal an area where you have room to improve as a father? Get a copy of Carey Casey’s book Championship Fathering for specific help in that fundamental along with the other five. Save 20%

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