A Great Way to Model LOVE

This week: a Valentine’s Day reminder for all married dads about the importance of loving your wife and setting a good example of a romantic husband for your children.

Intimate CoupleIn his book, Championship Fathering, Carey Casey writes:

If I’m a husband, one of my number-one jobs is to love my wife. So how do we approach this challenge? By figuring out what kind of chocolate she likes? By remembering her favorite flowers? By getting an administrative assistant or computer to remind us when the anniversary is coming up?
For many of us, loving our wives seems like a problem to be solved, a mystery to be unraveled. This is where we sometimes get off track; loving our wives is not a puzzle, it’s a pattern to discover and maintain for a lifetime.

Carey shares some thoughts about the benefits a loving marriage can bring to your children:

Our research often points to the overwhelming need for a father to love and respect the mother of his children. How do you start? If you’re married and haven’t done this lately, listen up. Tonight, I want you to go home, and—whether your lips are as big as mine or not—walk in and plant a big one on your bride right in front of your kids.
They’ll probably react. Expect to hear, “Oooh, Dad! What are you doing? I can’t look!”
Don’t let them intimidate you! They may be a little embarrassed, but they need to see passion and deep love in your marriage. They might not ask, but they do wonder if you love their mom. The evidence of an unbreakable and healthy bond between you and your wife is a wall of security around them.

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  • No matter what special things you have planned for Valentine’s Day, you would also be wise to take this opportunity to renew your commitment to be a great husband every day, all year long. Read more from Carey Casey.
  • Thank your wife in front of the children. Tell her how she makes you a better man and father.
  • Schedule a date or other activity with your wife that’s sure to make both of you laugh—a lot.
  • If you haven’t already, write a love note to your wife and express what she means to you and/or how she makes you a better man and father.
  • Commit to express your love through routine acts of service—doing the dishes or laundry, putting gas in her car, getting up with the baby for the 3:00 AM feeding, etc.


A Wise Investment in Tough Economic Times

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