Bonding at the Bus Stop … Yes, It’s Possible

I like to joke around with my teenage son, Chance. On school days, I take my coffee and join him in front of our house to wait for the bus. These minutes are precious because I can check in, ask Chance questions, and connect with him. Here’s the fun part …

I do it in my bathrobe.


As the clock ticks, Chance becomes more and more horrified. His world would end if he were caught with his nerdo dad. Of course, I make it back inside before the bus arrives …

aa-hisp-dad-teen-son-walking-yard-smilesBut just barely. Muwhahaha!

Why do I do it? Having fun is one of the joys of fatherhood, and it helps maintain rapport during those awkward teenage years. Plus, your teenagers are going to think you are out-of-touch anyway, so why not have fun with it?

Joking around reminds Chance that our relationship is deep. I’m not simply an out-of-touch old guy. I’m a fun-spirited old guy!

That said, I try to never go too far. As we relate to our children and coach them to be responsible adults, remember there’s a lot of room for humor, energy, and fun. Teasing kids brings excitement to life. But be sure to balance this with self-control and humility.

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And be sure to send me your ideas for teasing kids (and connecting with them in the meantime!). I need more ways to harass Chance …  Email me, or leave a message on one of our sites:

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