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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (June 17, 2015) – Ron Haley, Grandview, has been named Kansas City’s Father of the Year by the National Center for Fathering (NCF).

The announcement was made at NCF’s annual Father of the Year Celebration at Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday, June 17. During the celebration Haley’s son, J.P., presented his father as one of the top nine, then top five candidates for Kansas City Father of the Year. Haley was presented as the winner during the pre-game ceremony on the field.

“The celebration is always a special moment to experience. The dads are always so humble and the children are always so proud. It is something I look forward to experiencing every year,” says Carey Casey, CEO.

Haley has experienced many aspects of the fatherhood spectrum in his fathering journey. He grew up as a fatherless boy, mentored teen and now is a father of two sons. He has stepped into the father figure role for several young men whom he refers to as his sons. While Ron’s journey has provided many experiences, he never stops gaining insight and wisdom from them, growing and seeking to be better.

“Fathering is a job you have to be trained for,” says Haley. “If you are not trained as a child, you will have to get your training later… there is always so much to learn. Fathering is a never ending journey.”

J.P was the 10th grade (sophomore) runner up in Kansas City. His essay was a touching reminder of what a strong role model a father is in a child’s life.


J.P.’s essay:

“Through my childhood, and even now, I think of my dad as a guardian angel made especially for me and our family.  I personally believe that my dad is one of the best fathers there is (as if fatherhood was a contest).  He has pointed me in the right direction for sixteen years and I don’t think he will ever stop directing.  My dad is Ronald Haley and there are many reasons that he means the world to me.

My dad’s background is a complete underdog story.  His life started off rough, but at the age of 20 he gave his life to Christ and became a new man.  Even though his decision was not welcomed by his friends and family, he fought through the harsh criticism and he won.  When I was a toddler, he found the time to teach me who I was and what my life should be like.  He would sit me in front of a mirror and teach me to say my name, to tell myself what dreams I would chase, not to be a follower but a leader and to live my life in Christ.  That lesson, even being at a young age, shaped my life today.

My dad means independence to me.  He lets me live my life; he gives me restrictions and hints to keep my life on the right path.  My dad means honor to me; being a “Haley boy,” to me, is equivalent to being the president’s son or a celebrity child.  My dad means love to me.  He means hope, peace, intelligence; he means everything that is important to me.  My dad, Ron Haley, is a hero to me and the rest of my family and no one is ever gonna change that.”

About the National Center for Fathering

The National Center for Fathering (www.fathers.com) is a national nonprofit organization that offers innovative tools, programs and resources that inspire and equip fathers to be more involved with their children in order to give each child a better future and to create a positive fathering legacy. NCF distinguishes itself by being the only organization that offers a simple framework for fathering including unique male-engagement programs, training, curricula and a resource-rich website.  NCF also has widely-implemented programming such as WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students), a one-of-a-kind school based father involvement program that works to support education and safety.


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