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He’s stressed out. Dog tired. Getting hammered at work. And filled with regrets about all the things he never accomplished. Know what else? He doesn’t even have a close friend to gripe to. He’s alone. Convinced that nobody gives a rip about him. And, on top of all this, he’s supposed to be some shining role model for his kids. Seriously? He feels like he’s letting them down too. That’s what’s eating at him the most!

father and daughter

He’s drowning. But you can save him. You can pull him up. Here’s how:

Join our support team, give now to reach a dad with the help that only NCF can provide, and a $25,000 matching grant we received will DOUBLE your gift, dollar f2015 June envelope IMGor dollar. That means:

  • Your gift of $10 will do $20 of good.
  • Your gift of $25 will do $50 of good.
  • Your gift of $50 will do $100 of good.

Because when dads are involved in their children’s lives, everything improves. Just think what it means for a dad when he can laugh with his child and experience that wonderful, heartwarming connection. It makes all his hard work seem worthwhile. It changes his life and his kids’ lives.


Take action now to save a dad, and you’ll have 2X MORE IMPACT to:

Father and Son

  • Power up the WATCH D.O.G.S. program to get more dads involved in their kids’ schools, help curb bullying, be an extra set of eyes and ears on campus, be a positive male role model, and more.
  • Sustain and expand the Peter J. Spokes resource center, filled with valuable information for all kinds of dads –from adoptive dads to divorced dads, and others. There are tools for navigating nearly every situation – like handling teens! – with caring, skill, and love.
  • Open up more dads to Championship Fathering through social media. Our goal this year is to see 15,000,000 social touch points to everyday dads like you, creating a movement for dads to love and coach their children, and model behaviors for their kids to follow.
  • Expand the “What My Father Means to Me” Essay Contest and Father of the Year Celebrations – events that shine the spotlight on how vital dads are in their kids’ lives, honors special fathers, and inspires all dads to be involved.
  •  Get more dads who are facing back child support into the Fathering Court program. This is a brilliant alternative that helps struggling fathers avoid prosecution and jail, so they can be a loving presence in their kids’ lives again.
  • And much more. NCF helps dads in countless ways, because we want every child to have an actively engaged father.

I think about how NCF played a part in saving Julian. He grew up with an alcoholic father who beat him and belittled him. Then a stepdad who did the same. Julian struggled with anger his whole life, becoming an alcoholic himself, and then continuing the cycle of violence and addiction. But thankfully, he found NCF. Today, he’s clean and sober. He’s a good husband. And he’s a good father to his kids. “I’m grateful to the National Center for Fathering,” Julian said.

Not everyone struggles like Julian did. But every dad can grow, overcome, and be a stable and loving presence in his family. Give now to help him do that. And your generosity will DOUBLE with matching funds to do twice as much good. Please give. A drowning dad needs you.

To just being dad,

Carey Casey







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Carey Casey
Chief Executive Officer


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