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How to Build Leaders (It’s a Dad’s Job)


  Do you consider yourself a leader, dad? You may or may not be in a leadership position in your…
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Moms: You can help your child’s father be a better dad


  Dads, the focus is on moms this week—and their impact on you and your fathering. If you’re married, I…
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The Legacy of a Workaholic Dad

Father and daughter

  In last week’s message, I included part of an essay from a 5th grader about what makes his dad…
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A 5th Grader Describes 3 Ways to Be a Better Dad


  We get to read a lot of priceless comments about dads written by kids as part of our Father…
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3 Ways to Really Be There for Your Wife


  Do you have thoughtful, creative plans in place for Valentine’s Day? I know some guys go all out for…
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Olympic “Undude” is Committed Dad: “Life is just beginning”


  What does being a father mean to you? As the Winter Olympics begin, I want to highlight some committed…
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Dad, Laugh with Your Kids—You Both Need It

Parents Reading to Laughing Boy

  I have always loved to laugh with my kids. Who doesn’t, right? A dad named Richard tells about one…
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Daddy-Daughter Dates: Benefits and Ideas


  It’s that season again… That’s right, Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. I know some people boycott…
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How to Be a Dad Through Life’s Ups and Downs


  I have a good friend who’s an assistant coach for an NFL team. Or, I should say, he was…
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Being a Father Is a Great Privilege and Responsibility


  Every child needs a dad. That’s what keeps us going here at the National Center for Fathering. We want…
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