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Be a Good Dad When it Comes to Media Choices


Have your kids seen The Hunger Games yet? If your children are 10 or older, you surely know about this…
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How to Build Leaders (It’s a Dad’s Job)


Do you consider yourself a leader, dad? You may or may not be in a leadership position in your career,…
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Just understand your son. Just be DAD


5 Things Your Son Wants to Tell You by Steven Cessario What did you want to tell your father when…
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Just Dial-in with Your Daughter. Just Be DAD.

Cheerful father with young daughter having cereals in the kitchen at home

10 Things NOT to Do to Your Daughter by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC   Being a dad who stays the…
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Just be a Father of the Year. Just be DAD.

Steve Huff - 2014 Kansas City Father of the Year

5 Ways to be a Great Dad by Steve Huff   Last summer I was selected as the 2014 Kansas City…
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Dads, #GiveTIME to Your Kids

how to be dad teen daughter cooking givetime to your kids

  If you’re like most dads, you want to succeed as a father and in your other roles, too. Often,…
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Stand Tall and Coach Your Kids’ Character


Responsibility. Commitment. Forgiveness. Leadership. Brotherhood. And yes, a good dose of football thrown in. I’m describing some key ideas from…
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The Power of “I Love You” from Dad


 Here at the National Center for Fathering, when speaking to groups of men we’ll often conduct some informal research about…
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Ways to Honor Mom – the Real MVP


  I hope you and your kids have already been busy making plans and arrangements to make Sunday a special…
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6 Ways Dads Can Prepare Their Kids for College, Starting Now


  What are the keys to your child’s college success? One big key is you, dad. Author and sociology professor W….
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