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Ask Your Daughter Questions

Recently, we interviewed 33 young women (ages 13-24) who have attended one of our father-daughter events. Among other questions, we asked them, “What are two questions your dad could ask you to demonstrate that he really cares about what’s going on in your life?” Their most common responses fell into four categories:

Daughters and Sports

Even before your children were born, you probably dreamed about your son as a star athlete. Well, you may have gotten it all wrong.

Here's something that some dads rarely consider. Daughters can be athletes, too! As a matter of fact, girls need to learn about teamwork, good sportsmanship and the thrill of victory just as much as boys.

This Father’s Moment

When exactly does a father know when his little girl is no longer his little girl? Is it when a father is walking down the aisle, with her arm on his, and she is smiling so radiantly as gazes at her husband-to-be waiting for her? Or is the moment of realization when the father hands his daughter to the man she is about to wed, and they join hands, and the father walks, empty-handed, to his chair? Does the reality set in when the words "I do" are uttered, the final contract that seals the intentions of both bride and groom?

What’s She Feeling?

One evening, Drew's daughter came home upset that her best friend had snubbed her, and she unloaded her frustration by yelling at her dad. Drew said, "It sounds like she's not much of a friend."

Those words weren't what his daughter wanted to hear. She bolted toward her room and slammed the door behind her.

Connect with Your Daughter

Elyce Wakerman's father died when she was three. Her loss propelled her to study the plight of young women who had grown up without a dad in their lives. In her book Father Loss, Wakerman surveyed over 700 women who had lost their fathers by either death or divorce during childhood. Wakerman was eager to find out exactly what a father contributes to his daughter's well being.

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