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Ten Tips for Dads to Promote Daughters’ Sports

Why should your daughter or stepdaughter participate in sports and physical activity? To be more healthy (in mind & body), feel better about herself, learn new skills, stay off alcohol & drugs, defer sexual activity, and … TO HAVE FUN!

Body Image: What is Your Daughter Thinking?

Girls always give us insightful feedback about their dads when we talk to them during our Father-Daughter Summit events. Usually, their comments focus on two areas: they'd like to spend more regular one-on-one time with their dad, and they want to be able to share more with him and know that he'll listen and not get angry.

“Dad, I wish you would …”

As fathers, we would do well to admit up front that none of us has "arrived." We all have room to improve, and we should all be diligent about figuring out where we need to grow and then actively seeking to be more effective in those areas.

Value Your Daughter’s Opinions

Do you expect more out of your son or your daughter?

I got to know Nicole Gallagher over the phone when she was a behind-the-scenes producer for the ABC News program American Agenda. They were working on a piece that focused on fathering.

Show Your Daughter What a Good Husband Is

Imagine you could fast-forward your daughter’s life fifteen or twenty years. She’s thirty-five, and you get to see her coming in the door from grocery shopping with three young kids. Clearly, the outing has been stressful.

“My Dad Holds the Key”

In recent weeks, several of our staff have been looking at ways to improve our fathering seminars and Father~Daughter Summits. The process has included survey requests to some of you, as well as interviews with partners, volunteers, and people who have attended these events.

Daughters need their dads, too

There's a growing awareness of a father’s importance in the life of his daughter. Both the academic world and the general population are recognizing that a dad’s influence goes beyond the “little girl” years into adulthood, and is an important complement to her mom's vital role.

A Father’s Heart for Daughters

There are a lot of reasons for you to be a loving father to your daughter. She'll have a more positive view of men in general. More self-esteem as a woman. She's more likely to stay sexually pure until marriage and have a more healthy view of sexuality.

Your Daughters Need Your Affection

Little girls are cute. Boys are cute too, but it seems natural to cuddle little girls more than boys and, in fact, parents do tend to pick up and hold daughters more than sons. But before you know it, your little girl has become a young woman, and nurturing her isn't easy, but more like scary. Now you're a little edgy around her, and careful not to do anything that could be misinterpreted in any way. But your daughter is still yearning for your affection and approval.

For Dads of Dating Daughters

Jeff found out that his 14-year-old daughter has a boyfriend, and it caught him off guard. “She’s too young!” he…
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