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What if this were your LAST Christmas?

Here's a simple but sobering exercise to help motivate you to make this your best holiday season ever. Think about this for a moment: What if this were your last holiday season?

Holiday Tips for Dads and Kids

Year-end holidays can make wonderful experiences and memories for dads and kids. They can also be stressful, and whip by incredibly fast. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for making the most of your holiday.

Family Financial Planning for Happy Holidays

Many kids have parents convinced that life will just be a bust without the latest video game or hottest cell phone. With the recession looming large though, parents are struggling to shelter the children from their financial and employment woes, yet bestow upon them a memorable Christmas.

Thanksgiving Interview: 10 Questions

10 minutes / 10 Questions to ask your kids this Thanksgiving.

5 Father’s Day Gifts for Your Children

I’m 64. I’ve got grown kids and nearly grown grandkids. And if I could, I would change some things. I’d give my kids more important Father’s Day gifts, because it is always more fulfilling to give than to receive, and I would have given more. Especially on Father’s Day. I’d make it memorable if I had to do it over again. I’d concentrate on five gifts.

Divorced Dads and the Holidays

It was one of those cards written to make you grin at the sarcasm and I did chuckle. The card, decorated appropriately with red berries and green holly, read: "Don't let them destroy the hypocrisy of Christmas… It's the only part I enjoy!"

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