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6 Ways Dads Can Prepare Their Kids for College, Starting Now

  What are the keys to your child’s college success? One big key is you, dad. Author and sociology professor W….
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Ways to Teach Children about Saving Money

"My son is beginning college in only 3 years!" "My daughter is getting married next spring!" "My son and daughter need a car to drive!"

Does Your Child Think Money Grows on Trees?

I face a daunting challenge whenever I take one or more of my daughters to the grocery store. I'm sure you've experienced it, too. "Daddy, can I have one of those?" "Daddy, will you get this for me?"

Helping Kids Distinguish Between Needs and Wants

The Luxury Marketing Council of Florida says that luxury spending has seen an annual growth of 20-30%, where general retail spending has seen an increase of 5%. One Encarta Dictionary definition of luxury is "an item that is desirable but not essential, and often expensive or hard to get." Translation: needs are up 5% per year, and wants are up 20-30%!

3 Tips for Talking to Kids about Money Challenges

In today's economy, we're bombarded with all kinds of messages, and chances are your kids have heard some of the doom and gloom news as well. They're probably wondering, How's that affecting our family?

Family Financial Planning for Happy Holidays

Many kids have parents convinced that life will just be a bust without the latest video game or hottest cell phone. With the recession looming large though, parents are struggling to shelter the children from their financial and employment woes, yet bestow upon them a memorable Christmas.

Dollars and Sense: Teaching Your Children About Money

There are a variety of things we will leave to our children when we are gone. Many of you probably think immediately of the money you'll leave behind. I wouldn't place money itself as the most important inheritance you'll give to your children—but the skills and values involved in handling money and using it wisely are certainly among the greatest gifts you can give them. Like water to the earth, money can either nourish or destroy, depending upon how it is directed.

Teaching Kids About Money

Do your kids think money grows on trees?

Before your kids are gainfully employed, it may not seem vital to teach them about money. But, all you have to do is think about how our society seems to revolve around money and you realize that you can never start too early.

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