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Family Background video: The Father Effect Short Film

  A powerful dramatization of how important dads are, and how much their actions influence their children for years to…
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Family Background video: City Slickers ‘Best Day’

  A meaningful conversation involving powerful memories of childhood … and dads.      

Home Run Addresses “The Hurt Inside” for Men and Fathers

  Corey Brand is a Major League Baseball all-star. But off the field he is haunted by memories of his…
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Your Job Description: Defining What it Means to Be a Dad

  Remember when you held your first baby in your arms and asked yourself, “Now what do I do?” You…
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Your Dad’s Influence: Ways to Move Forward

Here at the Center, we're very much aware that many men are uncomfortable with the idea of honoring their dads. As we hear from dads, it's clear that just about all men have things they would change about their childhood if they could — some small things, possibly some really big and painful things.

Hope Out of Tragedy: The Ultimate Overcomer

This story might be difficult to hear, and for committed, loving fathers, it's unimaginable. But we're confident that some dads need to hear it:

Honoring Your Dad is a Privilege

The annual Father's Day news release by the U.S. Census Bureau presents some interesting statistics related to the holiday: As of 2007, there were 8,610 men's clothing stores in the United States, 14,193 hardware stores, and 23,756 sporting goods stores. Last year, around 76 million Americans participated in a barbecue, and of course many of those happened on Father's Day. The report also includes some more significant statistics about fatherhood.

Forgiving Our Fathers

Father's Day has a way of bursting through any barriers around my heart and releasing my feelings to splash all over the page before me. A gift of a tear or two to cleanse the soul–or at least, my soul ….

Prepare to Honor Your Dad Like a 5th Grader

Spring gives us opportunities to recognize deserving kids and dads as part of our Father of the Year Essay Contests. We have identified winning essays written by kids in four markets around the country, and we're in the process of choosing dads who will be honored as finalists and Fathers of the Year.

Video: A Fathering Heritage and a Legacy

Carey Casey speaks to dads about Championship Fathering at an event in Chattanooga sponsored by First Things First.    …
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