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Reach for Greatness—Be a Committed Dad

  What could be better for a guy than playing in the NFL? I suppose that depends on your perspective…
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Job / Life Satisfaction – Cinderella Man

  Our role as providers for our families weighs heavily on us at times—especially when work is scarce.    

4 Ways to Manage Work So You Can Be a Better Dad

Dad, would you rather have joy or cash? The question might sound absurd, but I know nearly all dads, me…
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Share Your Work World with Your Kids

  Did you take your child to work this week? If you did, fantastic! I hope, for your child, it…
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The Incredible, Addicting Rewards of Being a Good Dad

Although I’m a granddad, I still appreciate a good “kid fix” … I was working from home, catching up on…
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Do Your Kids Drive You Crazy?

Sometimes, my teenage son drives me crazy. And I mean totally batty … up the wall. My other three children…
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Are you doing your ‘fair share’ at home?

Recently, results were released from a new survey which polled more than 1,200 married moms about their parenting habits, focusing especially on how they share responsibilities with their spouses. The headline was an attention-grabber: "… Working and Stay-at-Home Mothers Feel Like 'Married Single Moms.'"

“Dear Daddy” Video: A Priority Wake-Up Call

Imagine that today you're reading a letter from your child, only it's ten or fifteen years in the future and your child is a young adult. What would he or she write to you? If you had the benefit of those insights about your relationship, would it change anything you do as a father today?

What Really Impresses Your Kids …

One weekend last June, I was scheduled to be traveling on the east coast for some meetings, speaking engagements, and quite a few interviews. June is always a busy time for us here at the Center, and so on that trip I arranged to take my bride Melanie and my son Chance along with me.

5 Daily Steps to Balance Work and Family

In today's world, one of the most common and urgent needs among fathers is tips for managing their time. The ability to do this is a key to success at work and with your family, and the beginning of a new year might be a great time to start some new habits in this area.


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