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Advice for New (or Soon-To-Be) Dads!

For all of you new dads, or soon-to-be dads, we’ve got something special for you this week! We’ve asked some…
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The New Dad Awakening

 The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey It’s amazing to think that some of you reading today are brand new…
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How Fatherhood Can Change You

Some recent research studies have found biological changes in new fathers — even at the hormonal and brain cell level.

Birth – Your Gateway to Fatherhood

Your child's birth is the gateway through which you, your child and its mother must journey in order to become a family or add to your family. The quality of the birth experience influences the quality of your relationship with your family. It can create bonds of trust and support, or it can reinforce feelings of isolation from mother and child.

Get Ready to Be a Dad with a Fathers Assembly

When my wife was pregnant, I was nervous. I knew I was on the brink of the most monumental transition in my life, and the men around me were not helping.

Dads and Childproofing

Hollywood celebrity Matthew McConaughey recently made the following comment about his 14-month-old son, Levi: "He’s getting bigger, more fun, smarter and craftier by the day." Toddlers are great at keeping their dads very busy, and their growing craftiness can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a cause for concern because they can disappear very quickly, sometimes into very unsafe environments. Have you had that experience?

Growing as You Prepare for Fatherhood

If you're expecting a child, here's a word of caution about what happens all-too-frequently for a dad-to-be: Shortly after his newborn's birth, he holds his baby feeling totally amazed, quite overwhelmed and thinking to himself, Gee, you're so small; I'm afraid I might hurt you. Coupled with this, men commonly feel uncertain about their skills to care for a young one. This lack of knowing how to be a father can have huge unintended negative consequences that ripple through the family.

A Poem for Harrison, My Unborn Son

I don’t remember exactly when it was that my wife told me she was pregnant, but I know I’ll never forget it. It lacked all the basic elements for a good commercial: No international flavored coffees. No emotional background music. No surprise greeting card that ended with Hallmark tears of joy. Just an earful of sobering news.

Older Fathers

In recent years, some high-profile men have become fathers in their fifties and sixties: Paul McCartney, David Letterman, and the list goes on. They are part of a growing trend of men having children later in life.

Should I Have Children?

Luke e-mailed us asking for resources that will help him decide if he should have children. Bill Beahm, formerly on our staff, responded to him, and we want to share what Bill wrote.

Maybe some of you are asking that same question. Or, if you already have kids, maybe this will be a good reminder for you.


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