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9 Ways to Navigate Communication with Your Son

There are times in your journey that you may find it difficult to navigate communication with your son for one…
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Just Be a Family Storyteller. Just Be DAD.

by Steve Wilson   Growing up, I loved listening to my grandmother tell stories of growing up on the western…
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Just Dial-in with Your Daughter. Just Be DAD.

10 Things NOT to Do to Your Daughter by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC   Being a dad who stays the…
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Enjoy the Simple Rewards of Responsible Fatherhood

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Tim is a big, tough-looking guy, but he was in tears as…
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Your Relationship to Your Child – Father of the Bride

  Take advantage of the good times that come along with your children, and share your heart with them. Open…
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Family Challenges and Issues – Father of the Bride

  Fatherhood has plenty of rewards and great times that come with it … and it throws you a fair…
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A College Student’s Fears (Related to His Dad)

Tyler is a columnist for the student newspaper at a major university. As he approached his trip home for Christmas this past December, he wrote:

Welcoming Young Dads to the Fatherhood Party

In the mid-1990's, I was a dad of a teenage daughter and three other children under ten. Through my involvement in various fatherhood events in the Seattle area, I heard about the "Welcome To Fatherhood Party" from a dad named Griggs Irving. The idea came to him when his 32-year-old daughter was happily planning for a baby shower and his fatherly thoughts turned towards his son-in-law. What about Steve? He’s about to be a new dad. What could be done for him? he thought.

Always a Father

Once a father, always a father. That statement summarizes my challenge for the veteran dads out there.

A while back I got a phone call from a man named Paul. Paul's son Matthew is married and working for a grocery broker in Wichita. His daughter Linda is in her senior year at Baylor. Paul was helping to organize one of our seminars in his city, and actively encouraged all the young fathers by saying, "You guys need to hear this stuff. Trial and error is no way to learn how to father. Let me tell you, I know."

Emotions / Bridge the Distance

When the kids move out, you've still got work to do. And no, it's not turning their old room into a den. You still need to find ways to connect with your young adult children. Sure, you're important, but you may have a difficult time believing it when your children are no longer around.


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