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How to Spy on Your Kids

Don't let your kids read this article. DON'T LET YOUR KIDS READ THIS ARTICLE. They don't need to know all your secrets. Now, because my five kids will eventually read the following paragraphs, I may have to deliver this concept in dad-to-dad code, but I have a good sense you're smart enough to read between the lines.

Should You Freak Out over Lost Tools?

I'm assuming you own a socket wrench set. If you don't, get one soon. It is an absolute requirement for certain maintenance and construction projects. You can get a sweet set for less than fifty bucks.

Ways to Protect Your Child’s Innocence

Just last month, a statistic was released that should be a concern for fathers: For the first time since 1990, there was an increase in teen pregnancies in 2006 (by 3%).

Raising Confident Communicators

Of all the things that we need to teach our children, communication skills are among the most important. If you think about the various children you interact with – and adults for that matter – don't you think more highly of the ones who look you in the eye and speak to you clearly? Strong communicators are much more confident, and self-confidence is the engine that propels the healthy development of our kids.  It stands to reason that children who have learned to effectively articulate their thoughts and desires will have better odds for happiness and success in their adult lives. Healthy relationships, academic achievement and career advancement are contingent on the ability to communicate well.

What’s your secret to a strong family?

Dad, what's your secret to bonding with your children? There is compelling research on what makes a great father, as detailed in the book Championship Fathering.

Have Kids’ Sports Gone Too Far?

Do you know parents who take their children's sports pursuits to an extreme?

Fathering: Discover the Football Factor

On a Saturday afternoon, while his wife was out running errands, Brian was in his family room watching the Northcoast University Mudpuppys, his alma mater, play the Merrick State Generals, their rival. With a tie score and time running out, he sat on the edge of his recliner yelling, “What do you mean holding?” As if somehow he could change the referee’s mind; he was so into the game that he remained oblivious to his children jumping on the couch and running amuck until one of them passed in front of the TV.

Give Your Children a Head Start – You’re the Key

In 2009, the National Head Start Association held its 36th Annual National Training Conference in Orlando. In line with the theme, "Beyond the Boundaries: New Approaches and New Strategies," the conference highlighted various ways to improve the quality of early childhood education for the families they serve. One of the suggested ideas was to get fathers more involved.

Family Dinner … Why?

What is your family schedule like? Does it ever seem like all the family members are going in different directions all the time? One way to fight that trend is to make dinner time a priority.

Sing it Loud and Sing it Proud!

Singing is something I don't do particularly well. I used to be in plays and musicals as a young buck. My 2nd grade performance of "You’re the Inspiration" by Chicago at our talent show was solid gold.


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