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Do Your Kids Drive You Crazy?

Sometimes, my teenage son drives me crazy. And I mean totally batty … up the wall. My other three children…
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A question you should ask your kids …

A lot of dads want to connect with their kids, they just aren't sure how. The truth is, dads and kids can connect at any time — while doing dishes together, driving to soccer practice, or while running errands.

Are you doing your ‘fair share’ at home?

Recently, results were released from a new survey which polled more than 1,200 married moms about their parenting habits, focusing especially on how they share responsibilities with their spouses. The headline was an attention-grabber: "… Working and Stay-at-Home Mothers Feel Like 'Married Single Moms.'"

What Makes Your Child Laugh?

As fathers, we should all actively observe April Fool's Day — not by playing cruel tricks on our children, but by celebrating those relationships with lots of laughter.

Dads Are Heroes

Jeff runs camera for music and drama productions at his church. Last December, he was behind the camera for the kids' Christmas production. His own daughter, Emily, was a member of the cast.

Father-Child Fun with Knock-Knock Jokes

Looking back on 2010, I didn't laugh quite enough with my kids. How about you?

How do YOU respond to spilled milk?

I tell a lot of stories about my son Chance, and here's another one that you might identify with, from when he was 13 years old:

Be the Boss

A big stumbling block for fathers today is discipline. Some choose to avoid it altogether, while others struggle with what is appropriate. What do you do from day to day, moment to moment? One of the things I've noticed over the last twenty years is that fathers' confidence in discipline has suffered. Fathers are tentative when it comes to exercising discipline and, when they do, they tend to bring a pretty weak effort.

Audio: Don’t Yell over Spilled Milk

Having kids gives you multiple chances to be a real-life hero. But only if your children have learned that, in a crisis, they can trust in your unconditional love.

Should You Freak Out over Lost Tools?

I'm assuming you own a socket wrench set. If you don't, get one soon. It is an absolute requirement for certain maintenance and construction projects. You can get a sweet set for less than fifty bucks.


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