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Steady Through the Years: A Single Dad’s Journey

At 53, my days as a runner are a fond memory. Not to say I couldn't get back into the shape I was in 1983 when I got up every morning at 6:00 am to run two miles before work. It's just that I seem to have run out of time for myself these days. I'm a single dad.

Moving Video: A Perfect Father Figure

A recent story featured on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" epitomizes the Championship Fathering fundamental of Encouraging Other Kids.

What Happens When Dad Gives 100% Support …

Sam Jones is one of our most active master trainers. He's also a championship-level fencer, not to mention demonstrating qualities of a Championship Father.

Audio: Don’t Yell over Spilled Milk

Having kids gives you multiple chances to be a real-life hero. But only if your children have learned that, in a crisis, they can trust in your unconditional love.

Single Dads Dating: “Meet Your New Stepmother”

Soon after my divorce in 2000, I became the primary custodian of my two sons CJ and Brandon. I remarried in 2007, but those years as a single parent gave me a different perspective on fatherhood and the task of training my sons in the world of dating and relationships.

A Moving Video: “Daddy Phone”

The new song "Daddy Phone," by country artist Marty Raybon, portrays a divorced dad who only gets to see his son occasionally. To stay connected, the dad gives his son a cell phone and tells him, "When you're missing me, or feeling all alone, just push '1' on your daddy phone. I'll be on the line when I hear that ringtone. We'll talk anytime on your daddy phone."

Accepting a Disabled Child: A Message of Hope

My daughter, Holly, has a severe form of epilepsy. The strong seizures began when she was about 14. During most days, she had one or more seizures. Some were "drop attacks," which caused her to fall backward. She had many bad falls before we got her a wheelchair for her own safety. She also had seizures which were called "grand mal" at the time, where her body went into a convulsion that lasted several minutes, followed by sleeping for hours at a time.

3 Holiday Tips for Single Dads

The holidays are here. You love your kids, and you want to be with those little rascals. You want to share all the wonderful experiences that the holidays promise, but you're divorced—or you are getting a divorce—and you don't want to share them with your ex. What to do?

Simple Truths for Dads Facing Barriers

Although divorced dads may identify with this most easily, every dad faces relationship barriers of some kind, and all dads can benefit from being reminded about a few simple truths.

What’s your secret to a strong family?

Dad, what's your secret to bonding with your children? There is compelling research on what makes a great father, as detailed in the book Championship Fathering.


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