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Are you connecting with your kids?

How engaged are today's fathers? Recent data analysis from the Pew Research Center is encouraging … and discouraging.

Are You a Rich Man? (See Video)

The movie doesn’t open in theaters until the end of September, but there’s a buzz about Courageous — and that’s appropriate as we approach Father’s Day. The movie, from the producers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, follows the stories of five different dads and the challenges they face, and challenges all dads to raise their level of commitment and become the fathers their children need.

Family Dynamics in a Tough Economy

Although some have predicted an economic rebound ahead, we can all see evidence that we're still living in tough times. Many dads have lost their jobs or have taken extreme measures to reinvent their careers. Some are working part-time at home while Mom takes advantage of her full-time work options.

Are You and Your Kids Having “Nonversations”?

How do conversations go with your teenager? If you're like many dads, usually all you can get out of him is a one-word answer or even just a grunt — and this can happen with younger kids as well. Why is it so hard?

One Girl’s Dream-Come-True Dad

Every year at this time, we get to judge children's essays as part of our Father of the Year Essay Contest. And just when we think we have read just about every possible insightful and inspiring expression from a child to his or her father, kids come up with things that impress and amaze in some new way.

What Makes Your Child Laugh?

As fathers, we should all actively observe April Fool's Day — not by playing cruel tricks on our children, but by celebrating those relationships with lots of laughter.

Dads Are Heroes

Jeff runs camera for music and drama productions at his church. Last December, he was behind the camera for the kids' Christmas production. His own daughter, Emily, was a member of the cast.

How Are You Using Your Super Power?

Do you ever wonder what your kids could become if they really believed they could do anything? As a father, you have great power in the words you speak to them.

The Dad Who Blesses

With the last name of Smith, my wife and I hoped to set our boys apart by giving them first names found off the beaten path. We started out alright with Isaac and Noah. In 1993 when Joshua came along, we had no idea it was destined to be one of the most popular names of the entire decade. We gave Gideon a name so seldom used he can't find a personalized bike plate anywhere!

What Happens When Dad Gives 100% Support …

Sam Jones is one of our most active master trainers. He's also a championship-level fencer, not to mention demonstrating qualities of a Championship Father.


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