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Single Dads and Communication

For single dads it's easy for long-distance phone conversations to slip into "Uncle Dad" questions: "How are things going?" "Fine." "What have you been up to?" "Oh, you know. School and stuff." "How's your sister?" "Fine." "Well, it's been great talking to you."

Links for Legal and Custody Issues

We recognize there is a great need among fathers who face challenges related to visitation and custody, but we are not equipped to help with these kinds of issues. This page has many links and resources where you're more likely to find the help that you need, but we urge you to proceed with caution. It is our sincere desire that they can help you, but we are not familiar with all of them, and this listing should not be seen as an endorsement of everything you find at their websites or in their resources.

Making Visitation Work

Visitation. Even the word sounds ominous, like something you might do with a prisoner. If you’re a divorced dad who gets the kids maybe twice a month, I know this is one of the greatest challenges you face. You don’t have free access to your kids, and when you do see them, there’s pressure to make the most of your time together. Unfortunately, kids sense that pressure and it changes things.

A Consistent Presence

Are you there for your kids? Really there? Or are you just going through the motions? I want to share with you how dads—even divorced dads—can establish a "consistent presence" in their children's lives.

For too many fathers, home is where they eat, sleep, and do their best to keep the noise level down. Day-to-day parenting is often left to their wives. These dads have convinced themselves that their presence or absence has little impact on the family.

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