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Co-Parenting For Our Kids

As I look back on my own personal experiences with co-parenting, I can only draw one conclusion: I could have saved a lot of time and avoided a lot of stress if had I worried more about my behavior than my ex's.  To save other guys the same painful and unnecessary process, here are the challenges that I faced when I became a single dad and had to learn to co-parent with my ex and the hard lessons I learned.

The Hug That Changed My Life

A Father Re-Connects With His Daughter

Five Goals for Live-Away Dads

A peaceful divorce? Possibly. A pain-free divorce? That’s exceedingly rare. The adjustments for dad, mom and kids are major.

Making the Most of Long-Distance Fathering

One summer, pitcher Terry Mulholland was selected as the starting pitcher for the National League in the All-Star Game. Mulholland planned to reject the invitation and pass up a chance to pitch in the summer classic. Why? Because Terry is also a father. He's a long-distance dad who saw the three-day break as a chance to catch up with his young son, Tyler. They'd planned a father-son fishing trip, and Terry was determined to keep his word. As it turned out, Mulholland's manager gave him another day off, so he was able to pitch in the game and then fly to Arizona to take Tyler fishing.

You and Your Children’s Mother: Overcoming Anger for Your Kids’ Sake

Getting tired of hearing about how all single dads are angry? If you're like me, you don't even read the "deadbeat dad" articles anymore—it's enough to make you mad!

Divorced Dads and the Holidays

It was one of those cards written to make you grin at the sarcasm and I did chuckle. The card, decorated appropriately with red berries and green holly, read: "Don't let them destroy the hypocrisy of Christmas… It's the only part I enjoy!"

Single Dads and Communication

For single dads it's easy for long-distance phone conversations to slip into "Uncle Dad" questions: "How are things going?" "Fine." "What have you been up to?" "Oh, you know. School and stuff." "How's your sister?" "Fine." "Well, it's been great talking to you."

Beating a Legacy of Marital Failure

When a family breaks up, what happens to the children?

Divorce is a tragedy. It often devastates the couple involved, and worrying about the children is an added burden. There are short-term concerns, like schoolwork, social behavior, and the stress of going back and forth between households.

Divorced Dads: Research and Redemption

We know from a considerable amount of research that divorce impacts a family for generations. Children especially tend to carry negative feelings about home, marriage and sexuality into their adult lives, and they are more anxious and pessimistic about their future.

Links for Legal and Custody Issues

We recognize there is a great need among fathers who face challenges related to visitation and custody, but we are not equipped to help with these kinds of issues. This page has many links and resources where you're more likely to find the help that you need, but we urge you to proceed with caution. It is our sincere desire that they can help you, but we are not familiar with all of them, and this listing should not be seen as an endorsement of everything you find at their websites or in their resources.


Page 4 of 512345

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