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A Moving Video: “Daddy Phone”

The new song "Daddy Phone," by country artist Marty Raybon, portrays a divorced dad who only gets to see his son occasionally. To stay connected, the dad gives his son a cell phone and tells him, "When you're missing me, or feeling all alone, just push '1' on your daddy phone. I'll be on the line when I hear that ringtone. We'll talk anytime on your daddy phone."

3 Holiday Tips for Single Dads

The holidays are here. You love your kids, and you want to be with those little rascals. You want to share all the wonderful experiences that the holidays promise, but you're divorced—or you are getting a divorce—and you don't want to share them with your ex. What to do?

Simple Truths for Dads Facing Barriers

Although divorced dads may identify with this most easily, every dad faces relationship barriers of some kind, and all dads can benefit from being reminded about a few simple truths.

Virtual Visitation for Today’s Mobile Fathers (and Grandfathers)

In today's society, we are increasingly mobile. According to an article in this year's New York Times, 3.6 million married Americans were living apart from their spouses and families due to their job, commuting and living in a different city just for work. And the Children's Rights Council reports that, in 2003, 34 million children had a divorced or separated parent living in a different city. Also, about 66 percent of grandparents have at least one grandchild who lives farther than a day's drive away (according to AARP).

Five Father’s Day Ideas for Single Dads

Being a single dad isn't all work. In fact, sometimes it's great fun. So with Father's Day coming up, here are five ideas to keep in mind that will be good for you, and your kids. Some of these ideas pertain to this Father's Day, and others will have an impact for years to come. So here’s wishing you and your kids a Happy Father’s Day, and a great summer.

Create a Satisfying Summer with the Kids

Phil Holman wanted to be "the Disneyland Dad." It was his first summer since the divorce, and the Michigan father of two had planned a whirlwind experience for his young sons: amusement parks, zoo trips, baseball games, the state fair, and evenings at the movies.

Mother’s Day for the Single Dad

I was recently asked about how I celebrate Mother's Day as a single father. It took me a moment to think about the question. Then I realized that, for the single dad, Mother's Day is actually about our children. I also found that when I have shared my Mother's Day experiences at SingleDad.com, there seemed to be a common theme among single dads like me who have discovered new relationships with their children as well as with the mother of their children.

Valentine’s Day and the Single Dad

My life, like yours, is busy, even chaotic at times as the New Year begins. Certain holidays and celebrations can be a little bit more difficult than others for a single dad. Valentine's Day used to be one of those holidays for me, but I learned some fun personal and practical family activities to celebrate without feeling the “Valentine Blues” that often come for single dads.

Video Article: Single Dads and the Holidays

Experiences and advice from RJ, Jesse & Jon from SingleDad.com on surviving the holidays.

Divorced Dads: Have a Conscious Commitment

Regardless of how little time you actually get to spend with your child, you're still his father. You may not be a father in the way you want to be, but yours is as real a father-child relationship as any. This is the one and only way that you can have a relationship with this child at this point.


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