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4 Ways Dads Can Help Hurting Kids

Sometimes life leaves emotional scars on children. How can we dads help them most effectively? A stepdad named Eric wrote…
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Don’t Be a Disney Dad – Guest Blog

We’ll be featuring another guest blog this week, this time from Scott Moore, a new friend in South Carolina who…
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Conflict Resolution – Fly Away Home

  Resolving conflicts means telling the truth, admitting wrong, and seeking forgiveness as you try to move forward.  

You Can Be a Good Dad Even in Tough Situations

  A while back, I was talking about Championship Fathering on a radio program. I told my stories about the…
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Let O.J. Brigance Inspire You to Hang in There as a Dad

  What inspires you, dad? What keeps you going? If you’re anything like me, your heart is stirred by O.J….
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Away But Not Apart: How to Be a Good Dad Despite Separations

Do you find yourself often separated from your children? Whether it’s due to job demands, divorce, military service or some…
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Are you connecting with your kids?

How engaged are today's fathers? Recent data analysis from the Pew Research Center is encouraging … and discouraging.

Divorced Dads: Maintain Your Poise

Dr. Little was a key father figure in my life. He was a dentist and a highly respected leader in his town, and eventually became my father-in-law.

Steady Through the Years: A Single Dad’s Journey

At 53, my days as a runner are a fond memory. Not to say I couldn't get back into the shape I was in 1983 when I got up every morning at 6:00 am to run two miles before work. It's just that I seem to have run out of time for myself these days. I'm a single dad.

Single Dads Dating: “Meet Your New Stepmother”

Soon after my divorce in 2000, I became the primary custodian of my two sons CJ and Brandon. I remarried in 2007, but those years as a single parent gave me a different perspective on fatherhood and the task of training my sons in the world of dating and relationships.


Page 2 of 512345

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