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Single Dads and Expectations

dad reading to 2 sons

If you’re a recently divorced dad, be prepared to see a side of your kids you’ve never seen before. Kids…
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Divorced Dads: Find Ways to Be Involved

happy father and son making high five in park

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Some of the most heroic examples of fatherhood are found in single,…
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Just Enjoy What You Have. Just Be DAD.

FOY dad school-age daughter kissing cheek

Thanks for What? Divorced Dads & the Holidays by Scott Moore It’s that time of year again: the holidays. For…
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Just Talk with Your Kids About the Divorce. Just Be DAD.


5 Things Kids Need to Hear by Keith Zafren                        …
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Just Press On. Just Be DAD.

Father and daughter

Championship Fathering as a Single Father by Matt Haviland   I love the three foundational points of NCF’s Championship Fathering…
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Ways to Stay Positive Through Discouragement


The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Over the past few weeks, we have sent out emails and letters…
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Just Maintain a Strong Connection. Just Be DAD.

Young boy playing with his father in a green house

7 Tips for Being a Good Divorced Dad by Bruce Provda, Esq.   When Juan and his wife started to…
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Just Fight for Your Children. Just Be Dad.

how to be a father Fight for Your Children Just Be Dad

Divorced Dads: Choose Your Battles Wisely by Scott Moore   As divorced fathers, particularly non-custodial ones, we quickly find ourselves…
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Just Be Reliable Despite Divorce. Just Be DAD.

father and little daughter walking on sunset beach

How to Make Joint Custody Work by Dat To   Joint child custody can be a real challenge for many…
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Divorced Dads: A Helpful Perspective on Your Ex

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   One of the biggest challenges for divorced dads is getting along with…
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