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Dads, Childcare and Changing the Stereotypes

Have you ever been somewhere with your kids, and someone asks if you’re “baby-sitting” them? For a long time, we…
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Family Dynamics in a Tough Economy

Although some have predicted an economic rebound ahead, we can all see evidence that we're still living in tough times. Many dads have lost their jobs or have taken extreme measures to reinvent their careers. Some are working part-time at home while Mom takes advantage of her full-time work options.

Considerations for At-Home Dads

The old Michael Keaton Mr. Mom movie got laughs by playing off the public perception that men were out of place as full-time caretakers for their children. But more and more couples are discovering that, for them, having Dad stay home is the right decision.

Mr. Mom Challenges

According to a National Institutes for Health study on heart disease, men who have been stay-at-home dads for most of their adult lives have an 82% higher risk of heart disease when compared to men who work outside the home.

DAD, The Man at Home

"I'm at the park. I'll call you if I need you-over," says my nine-year-old son into one of three state-of-the-art walkie-talkies that I recently bought for our family of five. "Roger. Be back home in 15 minutes for dinner-over," is my reply.



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