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Children Need to Be Adopted

One evening after I had finished speaking to a gathering of men, a huge, burly man came up to talk…
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Shining Examples of Care and Concern

November 20 is a holiday that gets too little attention: National Adoption Day. This is its 11th annual celebration. According to an official statement from the White House, this is an effort to "lift up adoption as a positive and powerful force in the lives of millions of Americans and children around the globe.

Can I really bond with this child?

Those who have never adopted a child may ask, "Can I really bond with a child who isn't biologically mine?"

Adoption: The New Country of Fatherhood

Biskek, Kyrgyzstan. The name of that foreign city went through my mind over and over as I lay in bed. Biskek, Kyrgyzstan. Panic gripped me as I kept wondering why I had applied for a job in a country about which I knew nothing.

A Salute to Non-Biological Dads

Have you taken your kids for granted recently? Have your kids been getting on your nerves? Are you feeling like you don't have energy to carry out your fathering duties? Maybe you have better things to do? Maybe you feel like you put in a lot of time as a dad and you don't see the big payoff.

Claim Your Children

Nothing—not even the nasty comment of a meddling aunt—would keep Roy from claiming his daughter.

When Roy married his wife, she had a young daughter from a previous marriage. Roy adopted her as his own, and then, in what seemed like no time, the couple had five more children.

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Several years ago, my wife and I adopted a baby girl whose biological father is black and whose mother is white. When this high school girl got pregnant, her father gave her two choices: have an abortion or move out of the home. She moved out. This same father called her "pizza face" as she was growing up. Today, she admits that she has been looking for her father's love in all the wrong places.



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