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New Study: Time with Dads Helps Teens

  Encouraging news for dads of teens … and dads of future teens! According to results released this week from…
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Olympian Bryan Clay: Get Active to Be a Good Dad

  Bryan Clay was the gold-medal winner in the Olympic decathlon four years ago. He missed out on this year’s…
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Winning Strategies: Olympians on How to Be a Good Dad

  I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics like I am. This year, I’m especially jazzed to watch two competitors—two men…
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John Schneider: From Dukes to Being a Better Dad

October Baby is now in theaters. It’s a powerful movie about eighteen-year-old Hannah, an adopted daughter. You can find out…
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The Changing American Family: Good or Bad?

In February 2011, the Pew Research Center released results of a survey: "Attitudes about the Changing American Family." The survey lists seven trends, including "more unmarried couples raising children," "more mothers of young children working outside the home," and "more single women having children without a male partner to help raise them." For each of the trends, they asked people to indicate whether it's good for society, bad for society, or doesn't make much difference. You can respond to the questions — and see how your score compares to a national sample of 2,691 adults — here.

Divorced Dads: Maintain Your Poise

Dr. Little was a key father figure in my life. He was a dentist and a highly respected leader in his town, and eventually became my father-in-law.

Nurturing Civility in Kids

Recently, some political commentators have called for a return to more civil discourse. And it's a valid concern; there's a need for civility in many areas of our culture — more courtesy and respect in our actions and our speech.

Thanksgiving: The Holiday and Beyond

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we celebrate a holiday that should carry a lot of meaning for us and for our children. If we could learn to be thankful, it would change our perspective on what we have, what we don't have, and how we should respond to those around us. A worthy goal is to live out Thanksgiving all the time, not just in late November.

A Great Approach for Teaching Values

The best lessons for our kids are the ones they experience firsthand. In Carey Casey's book, Championship Fathering, he tells a story about how one dad took advantage of an opportunity to teach his kids a real-life lesson they would not soon forget.

Video: “It means everything to have integrity”

A dad in Houston got together with his two adult daughters and made a video to help promote one of our events.


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