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Show Your Love: 10-Second Hugs

How do you hug your kids? And how long?

Marriage: Love Is Service

Love is more than cuddling by a fireplace. Actually, sometimes it's the opposite of staying warm and toasty.

Loving Your Kids: “You Just Don’t Get It”

Dad, do you get it? Or are you missing it?

A Fathering Insight … from Your Dog?

A recent study among college students looked at their relationships with various significant others, including their dads … and their dogs.

“Dad, I wish you would …”

As fathers, we would do well to admit up front that none of us has "arrived." We all have room to improve, and we should all be diligent about figuring out where we need to grow and then actively seeking to be more effective in those areas.

“My Dad Holds the Key”

In recent weeks, several of our staff have been looking at ways to improve our fathering seminars and Father~Daughter Summits. The process has included survey requests to some of you, as well as interviews with partners, volunteers, and people who have attended these events.

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