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Dad, You Influence How Your Daughter Sees Herself

  How does your daughter see herself? How about your wife? I wrote about something similar last month, but this…
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Dad, Keep Opening the Door for Your Teen

  “Dad, aren’t you going to open the door?” One morning not long ago, I heard that from my fifteen-year-old…
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5 Great Dad-Responses to Tragedy

My heart breaks for those families in Connecticut. They’re supposed to be getting ready to celebrate Christmas, but they’re getting…
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Acceptance and Comfort: Be the Dad Your Daughter Needs

  Dad, what would be your first words to your daughter if she lost something important? Or if she injured…
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Teaching Kids to Be Responsible

Dad, here are two tips for teaching kids to be responsible when they've messed up.

One Girl’s Dream-Come-True Dad

Every year at this time, we get to judge children's essays as part of our Father of the Year Essay Contest. And just when we think we have read just about every possible insightful and inspiring expression from a child to his or her father, kids come up with things that impress and amaze in some new way.

How Are You Using Your Super Power?

Do you ever wonder what your kids could become if they really believed they could do anything? As a father, you have great power in the words you speak to them.

How do YOU respond to spilled milk?

I tell a lot of stories about my son Chance, and here's another one that you might identify with, from when he was 13 years old:

The Power of the Written Word

Is there a special handwritten note from your childhood that you remember? I fondly remember my special note. It was from my father.

The Best Way to Yell at Your Child

A while back, we asked dads to send in their ideas for creative ways to show love to their children. We received some great ones, and one of our favorites is a bit unusual: A dad named Jim shows love to his kids by yelling at them!


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