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Support from Others: A Fathering Group

  Dads need each other to improve in that role. And often kids see the difference it makes.  

Support from Others – Courageous: When Did You Know?

  Dads benefit from getting together to discuss fatherhood and manhood issues…  

“Shallow Small Groups”

  A spoof on church small groups. It isn’t a men’s group, but it’s definitely worth a few good laughs….
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My Personal Secrets for Being a Good Dad

  Do you know what really made a difference in helping me become a more intentional and more engaged dad?…
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One of the BEST ways to become a better dad …

  In this new year, I’m thinking about the best piece of advice I can give you—the one best thing…
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Don’t Be Like ‘Josh,’ Dad; Considers the Consequences

As I do my annual year-end reflecting, it’s been a good year, for many reasons. But I can’t help thinking…
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Wayne Simien on Video: Don’t Miss the Joy in Being a Good Dad

  Many of you know Wayne Simien as a former All-American basketball player from Kansas who was also a first-round…
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An Everyday Hero Helps Another Man Be a Great Dad

  Let me tell you, I’ve got it rough. It takes me thirty minutes to commute to the office so…
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New Dads (and Others) Need Support

According to a recent study, men need more support in their transition to fatherhood. The findings, which began as a thesis written by a midwife at a Swedish university, most likely ring true for men at any stage of fatherhood.

Get Ready to Be a Dad with a Fathers Assembly

When my wife was pregnant, I was nervous. I knew I was on the brink of the most monumental transition in my life, and the men around me were not helping.


Page 2 of 3123

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