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It’s All About Kids

In this day and age, virtually every kid could use another friend. All of us must wake up a bit, attending to the tough circumstances in which too many kids are growing up. Being keenly alert to the essential importance of one-on-one relationships between adult mentors and kids and gaining understanding about the pivotal difference each of us can make.

Will you be my daddy?

Dad, there’s a kid who has a question for you. Just ask Jim.

At the Park with Ryan

Dad, there’s a kid just down your street with real needs that you can fill.

Two Essays from Fatherless Kids

Kids need dads, and we can always find proof in some of the essays written for our annual Father of the Year Essay Contest. In the midst of the all happy sentiments we receive, these essays are reminders that many kids out there don’t have a father in their lives. The essays they send—about the importance of fathers—bring a whole different set of emotions.

Don and Morgan

Most of us have no chance to change the world. But any of us can have an impact on our own little corner of the world.

Don Shulz is a 64-year-old retired gentleman who suffered a stroke over four years ago. Now, he's restricted to a three-wheeled motorized wheelchair. I'm sure some men in that condition would give up on life, thinking they had nothing more to contribute.

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