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Just Improve 1%. Just Be DAD.


4 Ways to Be a Better Dad Today by Justin Ricklefs   This past year, 8 or 10 of us mid-30’s to…
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Just Shape Honesty in Your Kids. Just Be DAD.

Just Shape Honesty in Your Kids. Just Be DAD.

1 Way to Train your Child in Integrity by Keith Zafren   Mark Twain wrote, “It is curious that physical…
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Detective or Explorer? Dads & Communication

Daughter Straightens Father's Tie Before He Leaves For Work

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Among the greatest qualities I’d hope every dad can build in his…
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Just Find Your Child’s Connect Points. Just Be DAD.

Little Boy Playing Soccer With His Father

Bonding with Your Teenager by Steve Lucey   Our culture tells us that teenagers don’t want to be with their…
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Ways Dads Can Bond with ‘Different’ Kids

Smiling little boy playing guitar with his father

 The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   I’m all for being our children’s biggest fans. Our kids need their…
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Just Dial-in with Your Daughter. Just Be DAD.

Cheerful father with young daughter having cereals in the kitchen at home

10 Things NOT to Do to Your Daughter by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC   Being a dad who stays the…
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Just be a Father of the Year. Just be DAD.

Steve Huff - 2014 Kansas City Father of the Year

5 Ways to be a Great Dad by Steve Huff   Last summer I was selected as the 2014 Kansas City…
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Dads, #GiveTIME to Your Kids

how to be dad teen daughter cooking givetime to your kids

  If you’re like most dads, you want to succeed as a father and in your other roles, too. Often,…
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“Where did you learn that?” Dad, Watch Your Language

father and son in autumn park

It’s a classic parenting situation that dads seem to run into quite often: Junior lets loose with a string of…
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The Power of a Father’s (or Father Figure’s) Voice

Father and son working together.

  A few weeks back, I was talking with a friend on the phone. At that time, the news and…
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