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The Secret to Showing Children Respect

father and son on sky background

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   When your kids push your buttons, dad, how do you respond? Our…
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Just Write Messages on Mirrors. Just Be DAD.

Here’s Brittney sitting next to the messages that her dad, Dan, left on her bathroom mirror.  He regularly writes to her now and reports that she never takes them down.

One Great Way to Affirm Your Daughter by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC   I forget what age I was when…
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Detective or Explorer? Dads & Communication

Daughter Straightens Father's Tie Before He Leaves For Work

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Among the greatest qualities I’d hope every dad can build in his…
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Just Find Your Child’s Connect Points. Just Be DAD.

Little Boy Playing Soccer With His Father

Bonding with Your Teenager by Steve Lucey   Our culture tells us that teenagers don’t want to be with their…
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12 Ways to Dedicate Time to Your Child’s Education- by NCF Dads like you!


  Our children’s education is so incredibly important. And . So we asked our NCF Dads on Facebook to tell…
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Take “I love you” a Step Further


The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   How do you express love to your children? It’s a basic question,…
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Ways Dads Can Bond with ‘Different’ Kids

Smiling little boy playing guitar with his father

 The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   I’m all for being our children’s biggest fans. Our kids need their…
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Just Connect Every Day. Just Be DAD.

father and son

Three ‘Dad’ Things to Do Today by Doug Spangler   Here are three things you can do today to build…
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Just Know When to Pick Your Battles. Just be DAD.

Child Refusing Dinner

by Jay Payleitner   Our kids were not fussy eaters. But one of them really, really didn’t like asparagus. Actually,…
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How I Saved My Marriage

Woman Looking at a Man Sitting Beside Her

(Dedicated to my sweetheart.) by Richard Paul Evans   My oldest daughter, Jenna, recently said to me, “My greatest fear…
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