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Just Press On. Just Be DAD.

Father and daughter

Championship Fathering as a Single Father by Matt Haviland   I love the three foundational points of NCF’s Championship Fathering…
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How Pop Made a Difference for “Mike”

How Pop Made a Difference for “Mike”

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   My dad had a profound impact on me, and I talk about…
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Just Teach Your Kids at Home. Just Be DAD.


Top Ways to Be a Successful Home-Schooling Dad by David Serwitz   All dads should be very involved in their…
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Ask Carey Video: Involvement Outside the Home

AskCarey video Involved Outside Home

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   In this edition of Ask Carey, I respond to the question: How can I be…
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Just Give Your Son the Roadmap to Manhood. Just Be DAD.


5 Essentials for Raising a Teenage Boy by Mike McCormick   Coming-of-age stories are some of the oldest and most…
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The Power of Words and “Because I said so”

Family playing cards

 The Championship Fathering blog by Brock Griffin   I have some thoughts on that as I step in for Carey…
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Ask Carey Video: When You Didn’t Have a Positive Fathering Example

AskCarey video Good-Dad-Example.jpg

The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   This is the first of a new video series we’re starting here…
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10 Tips for Talking to Your Son About Girls


  You remember being at that age dad, girls are definitely the hot topic. Make sure you’re the one having…
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Ways to Stay Positive Through Discouragement


The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey   Over the past few weeks, we have sent out emails and letters…
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Just Get Out of the Comfort Zone. Just Be DAD.


A Key to Connecting with Your Kids by Michael French   Remember the song “Danger Zone” from the movie Top…
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