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Men, there’s at least one big advantage we have over our fathers and other dads from a generation ago: we have more resources to help us succeed with our children. It’s really amazing how many different resources are available today to help equip and encourage you to be there for your kids.

That’s why we’re here at NCF—to help you be a better dad. And my latest “Ask Carey” video is about how we at NCF can help you be a better dad. Tweet this! This one might come off a bit like a commercial, and I won’t apologize for that; I really believe in what we do here. I also hope you’ll keep reading below for some other resources you should be utilizing in your fathering journey.



So, what other resources should you be using to help you become a better dad? You probably know about most of these, but let me just remind you and encourage you to utilize them for your children’s benefit.

The first one that comes to mind is your bride—or, if you aren’t married, your kids’ mom. She has a different perspective on your children, and when you compare notes with her, those insights can really help you as a dad. You can discuss the kids’ development, goals for each child, problems they are facing, and even your frustrations as parents. It isn’t always feasible depending on the relationship, but if you and your kids’ mom can work together as a parenting team, that’s a huge positive Tweet this! for your children. Maybe more than any other factor, she can help you be a better dad.

Likewise, we should all be leaning on other men. They’re all around you—on your block, in your church, and next to you at work. Many of them are walking treasures of experiences and insights about fathering. Some of them have kids who are hard to handle. Some of them have made it through a challenge you’re facing right now. Why learn by trial and error when help is so close?

Of course, there are many other resources out there—books, websites, and blogs. With our stuff, a good place to start is our free Championship Fathering Profile, where you can assess yourself in 13 different areas of your fathering, and then get some insights about how to improve in those areas. We also have a weekly podcast, featuring our Today’s Father radio programs. Then, in case you didn’t know, for years we have been building up the content that now resides in our online Resource Center, where you can find practical help in many different fathering challenges and situations. Not to mention our Facebook and Twitter pages, where we post lots of tips, discussion points and dad-friendly content. Of course, many of you receive our weekly email, which features our blogs and “Tools for the Journey” downloads. We also have quite a collection of recommended reading in our bookstores: the Dad Store and our Amazon Store.

That’s a little bit of what we have, and one reason to plug into these kinds of resources, if nothing else, is that they provide you with regular reminders of your top priorities.

Really, there’s a ton of great encouragement for dads out there today. Whatever you find that helps you be a better dad for your children, don’t hesitate to use it. If some of these resources provide you with one or two good ideas every couple of weeks that you can use with your kids, that will help you stay in a growth pattern as a dad.

Getting the good information is one thing. The real challenge is putting it into practice—seeing where we need to improve and having the courage to make those changes. But our children are worth it, right?

Please share with other dads: Where have you picked up some of the best tips or help for your fathering? Give a shout-out either below or at our Facebook page.


Carey CaseyCarey Casey is the CEO of the National Center for Fathering (NCF), as well as a husband, father, and grandfather. He is author of Championship Fathering and general editor of The 21-Day Dad’s Challenge. See more about Carey here.

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