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Julian Maestas

“Keep up the good work.  My son and I have a whole new relationship after attending a seminar last year.  Thanks for your help.”

 “I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I am a social worker at our local health department and work with pregnant and parenting families…. Your blog gives dads AND moms so many neat ideas – it gives them direction and HOPE.  Now, I’ve even got the nurses handing them out to the families they visit with. Thank you for all the work you do. You make a difference!”

Young family having fun in nature

“You have no idea how your correspondence helped me in my journey, may God bless you.”

“Your regular e-mail messages often have me take better steps on where I spend my time…. I want to thank you and the Center for being one of my “reminders” that I should be watching and staying the course.  Without your work I’m not sure I would correct as much.   I  don’t think I will ever get to perfect but thanks for helping me to try to be better.”

“Your e-mails are really an amazing motivation.  Keep up the good work!”

“I really look up the National Center for Fathering’s advice. Over the last 2 years my wife has been shocked at how well I learned to communicate with our kids. I learn from Casey’s blog entries, anecdotes, and experience. I can’t imagine where I would be without it. Keep sharing the stories and creative ideas. Never forget the impact your words have on fathers like myself.”

“I am part of the men’s ministry of a church and our committee would like to use your emails.  They are truly magnificent.  Simple, yet with great ideas and reminders.”

“Thank you for your thought provoking messages and guidance.  I look forward to every Friday, can’t wait for the next one.”

“I looked at your website and I was very impressed.  I just wanted to let you know that I think that is very good that men can come and get advice on parenting.  My father is a very good father.  I love him with all my heart and I want to thank you’ll for giving fathers a chance to be better fathers.”

“I’m eager to read all of the stuff that I downloaded from your website. My hand is sore from clicking back and forth, but it’s worth it, I’m sure.”

“I was at the seminar in Omaha. The message I received hit me square between the eyes.  The clear, no-nonsense message hit to heart of what fathers should be. Thank you.”

“I appreciate your radio program! I am convinced that it is the most informative, short radio spot that I have ever heard. You continually amaze me how you can say so much with so few words. Each program is “packed to the gills” with such great information in such easy to understand language. Every statement “cuts right to the chase” without dilly-dallying around. It is usually so good that I tell myself that I wish I could listen to it again somehow.”

boy grin

“We play your radio broadcasts as part of our programming here, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate hearing it.  It is informative, educational, interesting and the way you  deliver it … entertaining.  Your work is valuable and meaningful.  Thank you so much!”
-Michelle T
Radio News Director

“I’ve heard you on the radio a couple times, and I’ve been inspired by your humbleness and what you’ve accomplished, but yet you just carry yourself as a humble servant. And I was really inspired by that.”

“I get to listen to “fathers” on the way home from work almost every night. Being a Granny, I listen closely to see what #1) I should be watching for in my son in law and #2) how I can help my granddaughters be better daughters. I find that your wisdom is for all relationships and have applied some of your advice to my everyday life…. Until very late in my life I had no male role models. You have helped me change my views about dads and men in general.”

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