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NCF reaches more than one million dads annually through seminars, small-group training, and website and weekly e-mail.

Our long-term goal is to have an actively engaged father or father figure in the life of every child. We also are working to create a culture of Championship Fathering by enlisting 10% of dads to make a commitment to fulfill the tenets of Championship Fathering.

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Some of our recent accomplishments…

  • 260 Today’s Father messages aired on 350+ radio stations, challenging and encouraging dads to “keep up the good work” with their children.
  • 10,000+ downloads of free resources from fathers.com, including our two free e-books, filled with practical insights and tips for dads: 5 Things Every Kid Needs From Dad, and Forming a Lifelong Bond: For Dads of Infants (published this year).
  • 48,000+ Facebook “friends” and more than 2,000 followers on Twitter were engaged with daily inspiration and action points.
  • 27,000+ kids wrote about their dads in Father of the Year Essay Contests in Kansas City, Minnesota and Illinois. Most of those dads were honored by their children, and some were honored publicly in fatherhood recognition events near Father’s Day.
  • 80,000+ dads and other readers receive our weekly email, which provides dads with a regular reminder about the importance of their role and practical ways to engage their children.
  • 13,336 men and women in 40 different venues were introduced to the Championship Fathering message by fiscal year-end through live presentations by CEO Carey Casey, using his unique style combining humor, inspiration, and challenges to help dads make the most of their role.
  • 760 donors supported the National Center for Fathering with a gift, enabling NCF to continue our efforts to inspire and equip fathers, grandfathers and father figures.
  • 26 new trainers were equipped to facilitate NCF’s curricula with other men, thereby multiplying the reach and effectiveness of our training programs.
  • We assisted in the successful theater and DVD launch of the movie Homerun, a powerful film about a man coming to grips with issues from his relationship with his father, and how that affects his own life and his role as a dad.
  • 1,040 men trained in Quenching the Father Thirst® and Dads of Destiny small-group curricula, so they can lead other dads and help them learn new skills, and provide accountability and encouragement to make their new habits stick.
  • In October 2013 we successfully launched the Peter J. Spokes Training Experience featuring the Championship Fathering Profile,” which gives fathers specific feedback on their fathering and generates an action plan to guide them on the journey to becoming a better dad.

Want to be a part of the impact? 



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