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Friday, September 28, 2007

How is your job impacting your fathering?

A recent survey by CareerBuilder confirms the challenge among working dads to navigate the demands of work and family life. According to the survey, 38% of working dads, if given the choice, would take a pay cut to spend more time with their kids. Nearly one in four working dads (24 percent) feel work is negatively impacting their relationship with their children. Forty-eight percent have missed a significant event in their child's life due to work at least once in the last year, and nearly one in five (18 percent) have missed four or more. Thirty-six percent of working dads say their company does not offer family-friendly work arrangements such as flexible schedules, telecommuting, job sharing and more.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Power of WEEE!

Everyone has worry and fear in their lives, and as parents this worry and fear is exponentially increased. There are constant questions like, "Are my children healthy?" "Do we have enough money?" "Am I doing a good job?" The list could go on indefinitely, with the worry and anxiety becoming overwhelming at times.



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